09-05-2017 Maxi-Cosi Air Technology™ wins award at Kind + Jugend

Dorel Juvenile, a division of Dorel Industries (TSX: DII.B, DII.A), and the world’s largest juvenile products manufacturer in its categories, has launched its first airbag technology integrated into child car seats at Kind + Jugend, an international trade show taking place in Cologne, Germany from September 15th to 18th. This new technology has won the most prestigious award in the industry for travelling kids as it sets a new safety standard for child car seat safety. Thanks to the integrated airbag technology in the car seat, the forces on a child’s head and neckduring an accident will be significantly reduced, according to Dorel Juvenile’s test measurements. In case of a collision, two airbags will in...

03-10-2016 MEKATRONIK - new airbag technology breakthrough

Stop debating whether to use a mechanical or electronical system. Use both, go for the MEKATRONIK!
You can’t beat a mechanical system when it comes to reliability, combine it with a touch of electronic to improve accident recognition and you get an unbelievably efficient protection device. 
The probability that your airbag will be fully inflated before first impact, regardless the type of accident, has never been this high! Say hello to a new technology, MEKATRONIK.
Helite, once again, sets the bar even higher for motorcycle airbag performance. Two years ago, the TURTLE technology was about protecting the back area much more effectively. The MEKATRONIK focuses on covering more accident situations. Helite’s vision for motorcycle airbags remains the s...