Helite partner of the Fontainebleau Classic Summer Tour competition

Helite involves more and more on horserider safety ! 



We are delighted to support the “Summer Tour de Fontainebleau“ (July 24-26) and the “Fontainebleau Classic“ (September 3-6) organized by Grand Prix at Grand Parquet de Fontainbleau. These 2 international and national level show jumping equestrian competitions bring together more than 950 riders and 10,000 spectators each year and are always surprising and exciting events. 


Helite is sponsoring 2 competitions during the equestrian show

This year, Helite is sponsoring the following 2 competitions: 
- CSI AM 1.10M: Sunday, July 26, 2020
- CSI AM 1.10M: Sunday 5 September
The winners of these events will get the new Zip'In 2 airbag, ideal to protect riders in training and competition.



Our new Zip'In 2 is a 2 in 1 airbag vest that can be worn alone or with an approved outer (Helite range, Dada Sport, Freejump Oscar&Gabrielle). Within in a few seconds it is integrated under an outer and becomes invisible, allowing you to combine style and safety. 

Know more about the Airbag Zip'In 2 

The Helite airbag protection

It is our priority. At Helite we are always innovating to propose the best protection for equestrian riders.  

Protection EN_FBlanc Open.png


- A big protection volume between 14 and 27 L 
- Optimal protection of the neck and vital areas (thorax, back, pelvis)
- Fast detection and inflation, in less than 100 ms and before impact. 
- A ready-to-use and easy to use system 
- A system that can be reconditioned by the rider within a few minutes. 


Practical info: Fontainebleau Summer Tour & Classic 

Date: July 24th to 26th / September 3rd to 6th 
Place: Grand Parquet de Fontainebleau 
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Helite is a little more involved in the protection of riders!