MEKATRONIK - new airbag technology breakthrough

Stop debating whether to use a mechanical or electronical system. Use both, go for the MEKATRONIK!
You can’t beat a mechanical system when it comes to reliability, combine it with a touch of electronic to improve accident recognition and you get an unbelievably efficient protection device. 
The probability that your airbag will be fully inflated before first impact, regardless the type of accident, has never been this high! Say hello to a new technology, MEKATRONIK.
Helite, once again, sets the bar even higher for motorcycle airbag performance. Two years ago, the TURTLE technology was about protecting the back area much more effectively. The MEKATRONIK focuses on covering more accident situations. Helite’s vision for motorcycle airbags remains the same: highly technical products, that are easy to use and understand.

The Helite mechanical system is the most reliable, easy and cost effective airbag available. The MEKATRONIK doesn’t replace the mechanical system it simply adds a sensor. The sensor is a fork bracelet that is easily installed by the motorcyclist himself. 

By adding electrical engineering to its highly reliable mechanical system Helite uses the best from both technologies, which complement each other perfectly, because they cover distinctive accidents.












Do it yourself kit: The fork-bracelet is very simple and easy to install on the front fork.















Compatibility: one airbag compatible with all your motorcycles



















Simple to recharge: Easy access to the triggering system to check and change your cartridge and batteries.


















Universal: One fork bracelet recognizes several airbags. For example, one bracelet for you and your passenger or one bracelet for all Helite jackets you own.