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The e-GP Air has been specially developed for the pilots. This electronic wireless model provides an ultra fast fall detection and an excellent protection of the vital parts.

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The airbag integrated into the vest absorbs shocks and stabilizes the body from head to tailbone. It offers optimal protection of the neck and cervical and covers the vital parts (thorax and back).

and the biggest airbag protection volume on the market: between 17 and 28 liters (according to the airbag size)  





Front and back body armours are integrated for a double TURTLE effect!

Impact forces are distributed over the entire airbag, significantly improving energy absoprtion and reducing the risk of intrusion.



The e-GP Air airbag integrates the Helite electronic system. Easy to use, simply press the button three times to switch the system on or off.



The e-cartridge deploys the airbag in the event of a fall. It is easily and quickly installed and replaced by the pilot.



The CDU sensor integrated in the vest follows and analyzes the motorcyclist's motion in context. In the event of a fall, it automatically triggers the airbag before impact.

>Know more about Helite airbag wireless technology <


Very strong abrasion resistance with leather (cowhide 1,2 mm) + foam to protect the airbag chamber. If damaged, the leather sliders on the back can be easily replaced thanks to the velcro.



Attention has been focused on aerodynamics with a space for the suit’s hump. Thus, the vest fits over any leather suit.



Tight body fit with stretchy leather sides. We use a stretchy material on the neck/shoulders to have an optimal protection when the airbag inflates.


Easy opening with gloves.

ajustement-adjustment-velcro-fit-gpair2_alternative (1).jpg


Adjustment velcro and stretchy material to fit the e-GP Air nicely over any suits. We use a red velcro to show the limit to close the e-GP Air airbag.


Sponsor logos can be sewn on the front and back via a zipper.
The German brand Rabatz Racing offers fully customizable leather patches.








Frequently Asked Questions

Weather mechanical or electronic, our airbag systems protect you above all! There is no difference in protection between the two models. The airbag protection is and will remain our priority:

- A large airbag volume between 17 and 28 litres depending on the size of the airbag system (the largest airbag volume on the market).

- Optimal neck protection (stabilization of the cervical vertebra to avoid whiplash) and vital parts (back, thorax) covered.

- Double TURTLE effect: with back and chest protector for better shock distribution.

The e-GP Air has an autonomy of 25 hours which is about 1 week of use. The USB cable supplied with the vest allows you to recharge your vest. We advise you to recharge your system once a week.

The vest can be switched on or off by quickly pressing the ON/OFF button 3 times. There is no need to turn off the vest on a daily basis, it will automatically go into sleep mode after 30 seconds of inactivity.

However, there are situations where it is imperative to turn off the vest:
- When transporting the vest unworn at a speed of more than 20 km/h (e.g. by car)
- When using different means of transport with your vest (car, metro, tram, train, bus, airplane, etc.)
- During long storage without activity (in winter for example)


It is very easy to activate or deactivate the system. It can be switched ON / OFF by pressing quickly 3 times the button.

The "Electronic Airbag System" technology developed by Helite provides 360° protection.


The autonomous version (i.e. whithout fork sensor) detects accidents from a speed above 20km/h. Here are the possible detection cases:
- Collision with an obstacle (vehicle, wall, post...) from the front, side or rear.
- Loss of control of the motorcycle (without impact on the motorcycle): Slipping on the side or high side.



With the fork sensor and the "Full Protection" option:

- Same accidents as before

- Collision at standstill and at low speed.

With a detection time divided by 2.


Even if it is highly recommended on the road, you must not use the fork sensor option "full protection" on the race track. However, it is possible to buy the fork sensor separately if you use the e-GP Air on the road.


Yes, just like our mechanical airbag systems you can reuse the electronic airbag system as long as the airbag is in good condition (no holes, tears). Easy to do, you can reset the system yourself in 2 minutes, without sending your vest back to Helite. Simply replace the e-cartridge with a new one, available at all Helite dealers worldwide. Please make sure to choose the right e-cartridge size for the size of your airbag vest.





Vignette egpair_Page_01.jpgEvery airbag comes with a user guide. The user guide will explain you how to use and take care of your motorcycle airbag and how to reactivate your system after inflation.

Our team is at your service, even after your purchase if you have any doubt about the correct use of your inflatable life savior.





warranty-4-years-helite-airbag (3).png

Register your airbag to extend the limited 2 years warranty into 4 years warranty







Certifications & Reviews


CE CERTIFICATION - Our airbags are certified by the external laboratory CRITT Sport, the French specialist for objectively testing Personal protective equipment (PPE).





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Size chart

The vest is worn over your motorcycle equipment (leather suit, motorcycle jacket). Don't forget to take them into account when measuring.

SIZES (cm) S M L L-L XL XL-L How to measure?








A. Measure from the floor to the top of your head.

Chest line (with equipment)







B. Measure horizontally around the fullest part of your chest, under the armpits.

Waist line (with equipment)







C. Measure horizontally around your abdominalat the narrowestpoint.

Hips line (with equipment) 70-90 80-95 85-100 90-105 90-110 95-115 D. Measure the circumference, from pelvic bone to pelvic bone, at the widest part of your hips.
Back length 45-60 50-65 55-70 55-70 60-75 60-75 E. While standing upright, measure the distance between the lower neck and the tailbone.
e-cartridge​ GG 60 cc GG 60 cc GG 60 cc GG 60 cc GG 60 cc GG 60 cc The e-cartridge size must fit the airbag size.